Welcome to the Survey Research Project Management

Survey Research Project Management can be defined as the actual process of creating, organizing, and executing a research project plan in order to achieve business objectives. It’s actually a vast subject covering a wide variety of topics.

Here at Survey Back Office, we are passionate about survey project management because it’s what our software was created for. But we recognize that some people may be coming into project management entirely by circumstance and may need assistance with concepts and terminologies.

We’ve put together helpful original content to introduce you to survey project management ideas, terms, and even provide you with strategies and best practices.

Survey Project Management processes:

Create project plan

The project plan includes details about how the project work will be carried out, how it will be monitored and controlled, how communication will be facilitated and information about costs, redirections and panel shall be maintained. But once a project is underway it is typically the project movement where most attention is focused.

Manage team work load

No project is without problems but the project manager needs to control them so they do not adversely affect the end result.

Monitor projects in real-time

Planning is carried out in the early stages of a project but there should be ongoing monitoring to ensure the survey project remains on schedule,to manage costs, manage budgeting, send survey invitations, get live statistics; that resources are available and the expected benefits can be delivered. Estimates, deadlines and milestones may need to be altered as the project progresses

 Project management Execution:

As projects are being executed, you need to know what progress is being made; there will be milestones you need to hit. One of the best ways I suggest is to organize this is through the use of a project management tool, and best part is, if it exclusively serves business your domain.

Instead of sending emails to discuss tasks that are part of the project, have panel members comment right on the task on the tool to avoid a ton of time spent sorting emails and remembering details.

Survey Back Office’s Major Fundamental for Survey Project Management:

Create and share survey research links

Survey Back Office facilitates with Survey Redirection Links Management, This program was designed as a way to manage the client’s survey links, your end pages and panel vendor survey links. This also helps in facilitating the live statistics.

Define and manage length of interview/survey

The core part in survey research is to differentiate genuine respondents from non-genuine responders, and Survey Back Office facilitates this through its unique LOI feature. A feature that forces the respondent to complete his/her research in a timely manner. This timeline is controlled by the project manager.

Rectifying Redirection

You can compare and rectify your the redirections with your clients redirections. As the business domain itself has the scope of error.


Survey Back Office facilities with Pre-Screeners feature. Researchers who wish to include additional screening questions or measures in prescreening can create and add pre-screeners before their study. Based on the validations of pre-screeners the study can move further or can be terminated. Survey Back Office pre-screeners has facility to validate the answers and manage their quotas too.

Pay project commissions to Project Managers

Project manager’s commission system which includes, multi commission calculation system, commission outstanding reports and commission payouts.

The final key for project management involving creatives or marketing is the usage of a proper tool. It should also define the criteria that will constitute a successful project and will be used to manage the expectations of the skeholders…Read More

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