Use the right tool for the job

Free Survey Project Management Tool

When it comes to methodologies, one size doesn’t fit all. By examining all the options, you can create a mix-and-match approach that best suits your project management needs. Many organizations seem to struggle with identifying the best software processes for them. To succeed, you must understand the available options, as well as the issues surrounding software process selection.

Certain project management tools are generalized and agile and best project management tools, but do they serve your research project management needs? Some tool processes are agile; some are not. Some tools are full lifecycle; some are not. Some are well defined; some, such as Extreme Programming, are nearly philosophical in nature. The good news? There’s a lot to choose from. And that’s the bad news too. So how would you select your project management tool? It is simple, a tool that has the flow of your business process and captures maximum data fields related to your business needs. These needs shall include tool to allow the management to automate the project management process and provide outputs that help them in decision making. That’s not all, your tool should be scalable, which means it should have the capability to manage the growth of the company. It should cater your business for a long term period and not only for a short term period, then and only then, you will enjoy and benefit from the tool, otherwise along with money you will also waste your other resources like time and manpower.

In market research you must have seen certain companies manage their projects in a pic2general project management tool, which is like screwing a nail on the wall. We use tools to make simple tasks easier not complex. The management sees for a automation along with consistency, which a generalized tool won’t give you. You need a tool that manage your client projects and float it down to your panels. A tool that manage your CPC, LOI, Pre-screening, Redirections etc and computes data for live analysis, to give you the exact status of your project/s…

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