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Online Survey Research Panel

 We’ve gathered worldwide leaders in quantitative and qualitative market research so you can power all your research projects from one single source. Gain insight like never before through our full suite of market research products.

Online Research Panel-Creating an online panel has long been a useful tool in the researcher’s tool belt. Going by names such as Advisory Panel or Panel of Experts, online panel vendors with a wealth of knowledge and insight that can directly influence business-critical decisions.And they work. I know there are differing opinions on this but my belief for the past decade has remained Unchanged: When well-crafted and well-tended, online panels can provide clients with a much larger scope of benefits than a one-time study or survey.

Of course, helping your clients plan, design, launch and grow an online panel can be intimidating. It’s time-consuming, requires marketing expertise, and necessitates the need for a robust data tracking and analytics engine. Even as recently as five years ago, many market researchers shunned the use of online panels because they took way too much time and resources and were, frankly, not cost-effective for the researcher or the client.

But that’s changing. Today, some research companies have online-panel solutions that incorporate best practices and technological advances, making it quicker and easier to get an online panel up and running and, more importantly, providing clients with accurate information based on sound data.

It’s not the companies don’t have the skill or expertise. It’s that they didn’t have the process. The tribal knowledge. The tools. The stuff that experience and trial and error gives you…..Read More

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