More and happy Survey panel list means more business and more options

Survey Back Office’s Respondent Panel

You can now collect your own respondent panel with Survey Back Office  panel tool. Building and Managing your Self-Service Panel without hiring a third party Panel provider.

Recruit and maintain your own Panel for fast ROISurvey Back Office’s panel management tool provides services for recruiting panel-list online through your portal. After recruiting your panel, you can create targeted segments of your panel to send survey invitations and other email based marketing material. You offer lucrative rewards and bonuses to join and take them surveys.When you’re conducting market research, one of the challenges is locating potential respondents.
So Survey Back Office  gives you few options for reaching beyond your existing panel management system:
  • Online Survey Panel Creation
  • Mini Panel List Portal
  • Invite panel-list based on your customized criteria
  • Panel List points & reward system
  • Panel List query management system
Note that some of these approaches don’t generate a random sample, and you may need to provide an incentive for respondents.


It’s a database of people who have signed up to complete surveys for compensation, whether it’s accumulating points or cash payments. As part of the sign-up, they provide detailed demographic information, as well as information on hobbies that allow the panel vendor to subset the list.

Survey Back Office has Online Panelist Portal which has several advantages: 

  • Participants are willing to take surveys
  • You can create targeted segments of your panel to send surveys.
  • With Survey Back Office  you can maximize response rates by giving your panel lists the best experience.
  • Panel vendors sell you qualified completions—respondents, not leads
  • Because the panel service handles all respondent contact, you don’t have to identify your firm as the survey project sponsor.


Basic Panel portal Survey Back Office is expertise on various platforms to support the panel list management activities. Survey Back Office facilitates the companies with Mini Panel List Portal where by their panel-list can manage their profile,surveys, rewards and many more….


Do Surveys & Get Rewards
Survey Back Office recommends you the best survey panels and let you manage your survey opportunities all in one place.Survey Back Office’s research panel has a unique reward system. It will invite you to participate in research for which you are eligible. For every survey you complete, you will earn points. Then you can redeem your earned points through rewards….Read More

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