Put yourself in panellist’s​ mind

It is easy to assume that a survey is doable, but did you try it in the context it will be answered? Get out of your office and try it in the real-world scenario, whether that is on a phone while walking in a shopping mall or on a tablet in the evening when you’re getting ready to have dinner. How does it feel? Were you interested in completing the survey? Was the length of the survey reasonable?Putting yourself in the mind of your panelists will make it easier to design surveys that get completed.

Advantage of Survey Back Office’s panel

There are 2 way that can be defined “How to optimize survey design”.

This helps them focus the survey method so that they can survey design reflecting the real world in the best possible way.Below are some ways market researchers can optimize survey design to maximize their output.


Writing the survey questionnaire should be your last step. You have to choose the survey method as soon as you have clarified the purpose of the study and formulated the goals of the research. It is just as important as securing the team who will work on this questionnaire.So draw the layout of your questionnaire in pencil and then ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my target population? What is their literacy level, language, geographic location?
  • What types of questions are you considering? Open-ended? Close-ended?
  • Is there any bias issues related to this survey research?
  • How long is the survey?

Answering these questions will help you find the right method. And only after you have your method secured can you ink your questionnaire.


With the number of features that market research technology providers have on the table, it is easy to get greedy and try to use them all. But it is your responsibility to only select what makes sense for your questionnaire.

For example, there are benefits to utilizing geofencing technology to run location-based research, but your questions must match the nature of such research. You cannot expect people to stop at the corner mall to answer a 10-minute survey with open-ended questions….Read More

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