Put yourself in panellist’s​ mind

It is easy to assume that a survey is doable, but did you try it in the context it will be answered? Get out of your office and try it in the real-world scenario, whether that is on a phone while walking in a shopping mall or on a tablet in the evening when you’re getting ready to have dinner. How does it feel? Were you interested in completing the survey? Was the length of the survey reasonable?Putting yourself in the mind of your panelists will make it easier to design surveys that get completed.

Advantage of Survey Back Office’s panel

There are 2 way that can be defined “How to optimize survey design”.

This helps them focus the survey method so that they can survey design reflecting the real world in the best possible way.Below are some ways market researchers can optimize survey design to maximize their output.


Writing the survey questionnaire should be your last step. You have to choose the survey method as soon as you have clarified the purpose of the study and formulated the goals of the research. It is just as important as securing the team who will work on this questionnaire.So draw the layout of your questionnaire in pencil and then ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my target population? What is their literacy level, language, geographic location?
  • What types of questions are you considering? Open-ended? Close-ended?
  • Is there any bias issues related to this survey research?
  • How long is the survey?

Answering these questions will help you find the right method. And only after you have your method secured can you ink your questionnaire.


With the number of features that market research technology providers have on the table, it is easy to get greedy and try to use them all. But it is your responsibility to only select what makes sense for your questionnaire.

For example, there are benefits to utilizing geofencing technology to run location-based research, but your questions must match the nature of such research. You cannot expect people to stop at the corner mall to answer a 10-minute survey with open-ended questions….Read More

Is online research panel is best way for surveying?

Pros and Cons for Survey Online Research Panel

In our previous post, Understanding survey back office’s research panels, we talked about what an online research panel is and how it works. Your next step is to figure out if conducting a survey online is the right methodology for your study.
It may seem simple enough to type a questionnaire and send it out. But the truth is, there are a lot of factors to consider. Doing away with the physical constraints of traditional survey market research methods, like door-to-door surveys or telephone calling, doesn’t mean that all your problems are gone.


1. Ease of Sampling and Incentivization

Members of online research panels answer profiling questions which makes it possible for them to be identified as qualified for a study. Because they are pre-profiled, you don’t have to actually step out of your office to find the respondents you need for your study. You’ll be able to reach hundreds of people instantly, and provide appropriate incentives immediately after they finish the survey.

2. Minimal Cost

Before, you had to print out questionnaires and provide pens to your respondents. Oftentimes, you also had to invite them for an interview at some facility or call up each one to remind them of the meeting. The questionnaire is programmed online and can be revised real-time, without having to waste any paper.

3. Automated Data Collection

After a respondent completes a survey, his answers are automatically stored in a database. No more manual data input, which means less data errors for researchers.

4. Customizable Design

Questionnaires can be programmed to fit any screen, whether the respondent is using his desktop, tablet, or mobile. It can be programmed to skip questions based on previous answers and set other complex logic.
You’ll also have the option to embed media— audio or video —within the survey. This makes for a richer survey experience for the respondents.

5. Convenient for Respondents

Online surveys are very easy to use for panelists. They can decide which surveys they want to take, skipping those that are irrelevant to them. They can decide when they take it.In some cases, surveys can be designed so that respondents can pause in the middle of the survey and then continue at a later time.


1. Limited to Internet Population

Naturally, those who will be able to participate in online surveys are those who have access to the internet. If you want to reach countries or rural areas with low internet accessibility, you are better off conducting traditional face-to-face interviews.

2. Respondent Fraud and Bias

Unlike traditional research methods where you can verify the identity of respondent face-to-face, members of online research panels may decide to embellish their income range or job role, thereby committing fraud. This can lead to respondents answering surveys that are not intended for them. And so, data quality suffers.
At other times, even if respondents are who they say they are, they may decide to answer surveys based on what they think will yield more incentives; the survey therefore eliciting biased responses.

3.  Multiple Panel Participation

This is a risk for those who have allocated samples to multiple panel companies. Data quality may be compromised when a respondent is a member of two or more panels. This is because that respondent is likely to receive the same survey. If he answers the same way, you will have duplicate data. And if he answers differently, he’s biased. Either way, you’re getting data from the same person twice, and this is not something that helps with the veracity of research findings.


Conducting an online survey research has a lot of benefits. But, as we’ve seen, it also has its risks. If you decide that the pros far outweigh the cons, you should make sure to consult with your online panel partner for their measures to mitigate these risks.
Learn as much as you can about how they manage their panels and ensure the quality of their data at http://surveybackoffice.com/

Strategic Customer Engagement is Key to Better “ROI”

Survey Back Office’s panel for fast ROI

Recently the small business marketing world has been buzzing with the importance of retention platforms for small business growth. It’s becoming more and more important to pay attention to customer retention if you own a business and strategic customer engagement is key to better ROI.


Strategic customer engagement plays a key role in keeping your customers happy and coming back to your business time and time again. How do we know it’s the reason businesses actually grow and what kind of strategic customer engagement has this effect?

Well for starters, 91% of your customers are checking their email on a daily basis. That means that sending out engaging emails is key to strategic customer engagement – email marketing can be annoying but it can also be exactly what compels a contact to book business with you again… and again… and again. You need to be where the eyeballs are – in this case, anything engaging and timely on mobile is a good idea.

Mobile marketing doesn’t just apply to emails – an even more obvious approach to tread carefully through in strategic customer engagement is text. Did you know that 98% of consumers not only check their text messages but read them within 2 minutes of opening them? That statistic promises instant visibility for you and your business. It’s important not to over spam or send texts to contacts that aren’t expecting them from you – but using key historical customer information can grab attention faster and turn a former customer into a current one with the click of a button.

Another place to engage with your customers is through social media. Why is it so important to have a presence on social media sites? Because 71% of consumers check at least one of their social media accounts daily. There are ways to connect for free and organically on various social media sites that can give you huge value in record time that you won’t experience through other media.

If nothing else, the statistics show us that you lose almost 100% of your customers when you are not actively engaging with them. This means that you could lose most of your business revenue, simply by not engaging with your past and present customers. The question then, is, why wouldn’t you want to connect with your customers after your first service if you know that’s what brings them back for more?

The answer is pretty simple. 90% of business owners don’t realize they aren’t engaging with their contacts effectively or they don’t know what to do. They expect that if customers need them they will just call them again. They don’t know the statistic that 85% of them have used different service providers in a calendar year for the same service. They are going to the competition.

More and happy Survey panel list means more business and more options

Survey Back Office’s Respondent Panel

You can now collect your own respondent panel with Survey Back Office  panel tool. Building and Managing your Self-Service Panel without hiring a third party Panel provider.

Recruit and maintain your own Panel for fast ROISurvey Back Office’s panel management tool provides services for recruiting panel-list online through your portal. After recruiting your panel, you can create targeted segments of your panel to send survey invitations and other email based marketing material. You offer lucrative rewards and bonuses to join and take them surveys.When you’re conducting market research, one of the challenges is locating potential respondents.
So Survey Back Office  gives you few options for reaching beyond your existing panel management system:
  • Online Survey Panel Creation
  • Mini Panel List Portal
  • Invite panel-list based on your customized criteria
  • Panel List points & reward system
  • Panel List query management system
Note that some of these approaches don’t generate a random sample, and you may need to provide an incentive for respondents.


It’s a database of people who have signed up to complete surveys for compensation, whether it’s accumulating points or cash payments. As part of the sign-up, they provide detailed demographic information, as well as information on hobbies that allow the panel vendor to subset the list.

Survey Back Office has Online Panelist Portal which has several advantages: 

  • Participants are willing to take surveys
  • You can create targeted segments of your panel to send surveys.
  • With Survey Back Office  you can maximize response rates by giving your panel lists the best experience.
  • Panel vendors sell you qualified completions—respondents, not leads
  • Because the panel service handles all respondent contact, you don’t have to identify your firm as the survey project sponsor.


Basic Panel portal Survey Back Office is expertise on various platforms to support the panel list management activities. Survey Back Office facilitates the companies with Mini Panel List Portal where by their panel-list can manage their profile,surveys, rewards and many more….


Do Surveys & Get Rewards
Survey Back Office recommends you the best survey panels and let you manage your survey opportunities all in one place.Survey Back Office’s research panel has a unique reward system. It will invite you to participate in research for which you are eligible. For every survey you complete, you will earn points. Then you can redeem your earned points through rewards….Read More

All the tools you need are now in one place

Online Survey Research Panel

 We’ve gathered worldwide leaders in quantitative and qualitative market research so you can power all your research projects from one single source. Gain insight like never before through our full suite of market research products.

Online Research Panel-Creating an online panel has long been a useful tool in the researcher’s tool belt. Going by names such as Advisory Panel or Panel of Experts, online panel vendors with a wealth of knowledge and insight that can directly influence business-critical decisions.And they work. I know there are differing opinions on this but my belief for the past decade has remained Unchanged: When well-crafted and well-tended, online panels can provide clients with a much larger scope of benefits than a one-time study or survey.

Of course, helping your clients plan, design, launch and grow an online panel can be intimidating. It’s time-consuming, requires marketing expertise, and necessitates the need for a robust data tracking and analytics engine. Even as recently as five years ago, many market researchers shunned the use of online panels because they took way too much time and resources and were, frankly, not cost-effective for the researcher or the client.

But that’s changing. Today, some research companies have online-panel solutions that incorporate best practices and technological advances, making it quicker and easier to get an online panel up and running and, more importantly, providing clients with accurate information based on sound data.

It’s not the companies don’t have the skill or expertise. It’s that they didn’t have the process. The tribal knowledge. The tools. The stuff that experience and trial and error gives you…..Read More

Use the right tool for the job

Free Survey Project Management Tool

When it comes to methodologies, one size doesn’t fit all. By examining all the options, you can create a mix-and-match approach that best suits your project management needs. Many organizations seem to struggle with identifying the best software processes for them. To succeed, you must understand the available options, as well as the issues surrounding software process selection.

Certain project management tools are generalized and agile and best project management tools, but do they serve your research project management needs? Some tool processes are agile; some are not. Some tools are full lifecycle; some are not. Some are well defined; some, such as Extreme Programming, are nearly philosophical in nature. The good news? There’s a lot to choose from. And that’s the bad news too. So how would you select your project management tool? It is simple, a tool that has the flow of your business process and captures maximum data fields related to your business needs. These needs shall include tool to allow the management to automate the project management process and provide outputs that help them in decision making. That’s not all, your tool should be scalable, which means it should have the capability to manage the growth of the company. It should cater your business for a long term period and not only for a short term period, then and only then, you will enjoy and benefit from the tool, otherwise along with money you will also waste your other resources like time and manpower.

In market research you must have seen certain companies manage their projects in a pic2general project management tool, which is like screwing a nail on the wall. We use tools to make simple tasks easier not complex. The management sees for a automation along with consistency, which a generalized tool won’t give you. You need a tool that manage your client projects and float it down to your panels. A tool that manage your CPC, LOI, Pre-screening, Redirections etc and computes data for live analysis, to give you the exact status of your project/s…

Capture the market before it becomes competitive

Online Survey Market Research

Survey research industry is on boom now days and has become very lucrative.

But before the charm gets over, you have to create and capture the market. And these smart work, will also give you an edge over the market when it becomes competitive.

But as always, speed drags issues too, therefore your project management team needs a solution which is crash proof and allows you to enjoy the pace with peace. A solution which should have a process to create and manage the client’s research projects and let it flow below, to your panel-list (respondents) & panel vendors, At the same time managing individual’s CPI/CPC and generating a live ROI statistics. The solution should not end here; instead it should end to the end point of your business process, which is your accounting. It should manage client & vendor invoices and their outstanding.

If your survey research business process is managed more through automation, then this speed would be a joy for you and Survey Back Office provides a solution which will surely make you and your team joyful.

Welcome to the Survey Research Project Management

Survey Research Project Management can be defined as the actual process of creating, organizing, and executing a research project plan in order to achieve business objectives. It’s actually a vast subject covering a wide variety of topics.

Here at Survey Back Office, we are passionate about survey project management because it’s what our software was created for. But we recognize that some people may be coming into project management entirely by circumstance and may need assistance with concepts and terminologies.

We’ve put together helpful original content to introduce you to survey project management ideas, terms, and even provide you with strategies and best practices.

Survey Project Management processes:

Create project plan

The project plan includes details about how the project work will be carried out, how it will be monitored and controlled, how communication will be facilitated and information about costs, redirections and panel shall be maintained. But once a project is underway it is typically the project movement where most attention is focused.

Manage team work load

No project is without problems but the project manager needs to control them so they do not adversely affect the end result.

Monitor projects in real-time

Planning is carried out in the early stages of a project but there should be ongoing monitoring to ensure the survey project remains on schedule,to manage costs, manage budgeting, send survey invitations, get live statistics; that resources are available and the expected benefits can be delivered. Estimates, deadlines and milestones may need to be altered as the project progresses

 Project management Execution:

As projects are being executed, you need to know what progress is being made; there will be milestones you need to hit. One of the best ways I suggest is to organize this is through the use of a project management tool, and best part is, if it exclusively serves business your domain.

Instead of sending emails to discuss tasks that are part of the project, have panel members comment right on the task on the tool to avoid a ton of time spent sorting emails and remembering details.

Survey Back Office’s Major Fundamental for Survey Project Management:

Create and share survey research links

Survey Back Office facilitates with Survey Redirection Links Management, This program was designed as a way to manage the client’s survey links, your end pages and panel vendor survey links. This also helps in facilitating the live statistics.

Define and manage length of interview/survey

The core part in survey research is to differentiate genuine respondents from non-genuine responders, and Survey Back Office facilitates this through its unique LOI feature. A feature that forces the respondent to complete his/her research in a timely manner. This timeline is controlled by the project manager.

Rectifying Redirection

You can compare and rectify your the redirections with your clients redirections. As the business domain itself has the scope of error.


Survey Back Office facilities with Pre-Screeners feature. Researchers who wish to include additional screening questions or measures in prescreening can create and add pre-screeners before their study. Based on the validations of pre-screeners the study can move further or can be terminated. Survey Back Office pre-screeners has facility to validate the answers and manage their quotas too.

Pay project commissions to Project Managers

Project manager’s commission system which includes, multi commission calculation system, commission outstanding reports and commission payouts.

The final key for project management involving creatives or marketing is the usage of a proper tool. It should also define the criteria that will constitute a successful project and will be used to manage the expectations of the skeholders…Read More

Get to know about feature of Survey Back Office

Effective & Efficient Features To Improve Productivity


Manage region facilitates to enter hierarchical data for countries, states, zones and cities. And based on these region data, you filter your panels and projects and also analyze reports


Manage your companies. You can create different types of companies. Either client/customer or panel vendors. Collect their contact details and capitalize on it


You can manage parent and child companies. Along with the contact titles and contact groups. So basically you can link your companies and contacts too.


Manage projects with features like, completes and max complete, IR, LOI, CPC, Survey Links etc. It also facilitates for test surveys & project wise award points for your panel


We facilitate with panel vendors, Which increases your turn over time and also provides scope for adding more projects to your pocket. It also manages vendor project details


Check your projects LIVE statistics, which includes details like, Completes, Disqualified, Quota-full, IR, Average and Median LOI, Abandon & Blocked…Read More

Get more benefits when using survey research link management


The solution has made research tremendously more convenient and by making it more convenient,it allows us to be more productive.

Create online survey projects and forms to collect & process data through the internet. It’s easy to use and create online survey projects and build reports.

Saas model solutions can be used to empower line of business (LOB) managers and their agents, ensuring they have access to the data, applications and features they need to do their jobs more efficiently and more effectively.

To create a Survey Project using the Management Performance survey, just register on http://surveybackoffice.com/registration